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Ranju - One Pot Succulent lamb chops

One Pot Succulent lamb chops

These juicy chops can be eaten as a snack with salad or as a main meal with nan or chapattis. The lamb chops are thinly cut so it cooks evenly and absorb all the spices. Very delicious yummy dish.[pure-recipe]    

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Ranju - Urad Daal (Black Eye Beans)

Urad Daal (Black Eye Beans)

This is a delicious lentil recipe made from washed black eye beans ( Urad Daal).  It is a good digestive dish and very nutritious. This dish is mainly consumed by  Gujarati and Punjabi (North India) If you want to have a healthy day then try this Urad Daal, these lentils have everything your body needs: […]

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