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Ranju Indian Recipes - Crispy Potato

Crispy Potato Snack

We say snack but it can be eaten as a meal, and it doesn’t take long to cook. We love the crispy edges of the potato slices and soft inner piece just makes the perfect combination for those day when you want to make something quick but tasty. We don’t think we have ever seen […]

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Ranju - One Pot Succulent lamb chops

One Pot Succulent lamb chops

These juicy chops can be eaten as a snack with salad or as a main meal with nan or chapattis. The lamb chops are thinly cut so it cooks evenly and absorb all the spices. Very delicious yummy dish.[pure-recipe]    

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Ranju - Urad Daal (Black Eye Beans)

Urad Daal (Black Eye Beans)

This is a delicious lentil recipe made from washed black eye beans ( Urad Daal).  It is a good digestive dish and very nutritious. This dish is mainly consumed by  Gujarati and Punjabi (North India) If you want to have a healthy day then try this Urad Daal, these lentils have everything your body needs: […]

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Ranju Indian Recipes - Fish Curry

White Fish Curry

Curried fish is very tasty dish which can be eaten with rice,naan or chapattis.  The best white fish for this dish is Pollack, Silver Hake, Talapia or Haddock. It is a South Indian style recipe [pure-recipe] Although it is a fillet part of the fish is used to cook this dish there may be a […]

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