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Ranju Indian Recipes - Crispy Potato

Crispy Potato Snack

We say snack but it can be eaten as a meal, and it doesn’t take long to cook. We love the crispy edges of the potato slices and soft inner piece just makes the perfect combination for those day when you want to make something quick but tasty. We don’t think we have ever seen […]

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Ranju Indian Recipes - Lamb keema puff pastry parcels (lamb mince)

Lamb keema puff pastry parcels (lamb mince)

If you have tried the traditional Indian samosas then you will love this twist. This version is quick and easy to make and most importantly it is healthier! These parcels can be eaten hot or cold as a starter or a quick snack, they taste delicious with yogurt and mint dip, or even ketchup. It has […]

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