Moong Dall split with Spinach

Moong Dall split with Spinach

Moong Dall split with Spinach

By September 6, 2016

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A very unique tasty satisfying dish and easy to digest. Delicious with hot chapattis and rotla ( made with millet flour bread ).



Take a pressure cooker, if you do not have a pressure cooker use  a heavy saucepan but it will take a little longer to cook, add the oil on a medium heat. Add the asafoetida and onion.  Stir and cook until the onion is lightly translucent add the washed chopped spinach and soaked moong dall. Add the rest of the ingredient along with the water.  If you prefer the dall to be runny in consistency add a little more than the required water. Put the lid on the pressure cooker and allow for two whistles then turn off the heat and let the cooker to release the steam. The dall will still be cooking until all the pressure is released.

The dall can be eaten with chapattis, or plain boiled rice and rotlas (millet flour bread).  It is very tasty with any Asian pickles and raw Spanish onions.


This is a nutritious healthy vegetarian dish often eaten by Hindus, as the recipe originates from Gujarat state in India.  It is tasty filling and eaten with chapattis or rotla( these are made with millet flour bread)  The spinach is ofcourse optional and the dall can be cooked without it.  But both cooked together adds that extra taste to the food. Tradionally the lentils are cooked as meal eaten at tea time back in India.  It helps the digestive system. This is a very simple and light recipe with not a lot of ingredients required

The Dall can be soaked overnight and can be  cooked in a pressure cooker.

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