Lamb keema puff pastry parcels (lamb mince)

If you have tried the traditional Indian samosas then you will love this twist. This version is quick and easy to make and most importantly it is healthier!

These parcels can be eaten hot or cold as a starter or a quick snack, they taste delicious with yogurt and mint dip, or even ketchup. It has a rustic flavoursome, moreish and tasty snack.

The pastry we use can be bought from your local Indian/Asian shops, however if you do not have one near by you can always use the puff pastry rolls which all supermarkets sell.

The flavour of the lamb goes perfectly with all the spices, however if you like your Indian food less spicy then feel free to play with the quantity. The great thing about Indian food is it can cater to people with different spice, chilli, sweet and taste palates.

Have a go and see what you think, you won’t be disappointed! Also share your pictures and how you changed the recipe to make it your own. We at love to teach, share and help, leave a comments on our facebook page or follow us on twitter on @ranju1960

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