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Ranju Indian Recipes - Boiled eggs and potato curry

Boiled eggs and potato curry

This is a winter warming dish, very delicious quick and easy to make, we love making this dish and we hope you do too. After a long day you want to come home and make something tasty and simple, this is the ideal recipe and you cannot go wrong. It is perfect for people who […]

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Ranju - Urad Daal (Black Eye Beans)

Urad Daal (Black Eye Beans)

This is a delicious lentil recipe made from washed black eye beans ( Urad Daal).  It is a good digestive dish and very nutritious. This dish is mainly consumed by  Gujarati and Punjabi (North India) If you want to have a healthy day then try this Urad Daal, these lentils have everything your body needs: […]

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Ranju Indian Recipes - Basic Chicken Curry on the bone or bone less

Basic Chicken Curry on the bone or boneless

When you go into an Indian restaurant whats one of the main dishes you order? most likely a chicken curry. This will taste so much different from the shop bought or restaurant curries and why ? Because you have made it yourself and you know exactly what has gone into it. This chicken curry dish can […]

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